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Toyota Certified Used Vehicles

At Smart Toyota Scion, we offer you a large selection of Toyota used cars, trucks, SUVs and other styles that we sell all at affordable prices.  Browse through our extensive selection of used inventory including the Toyota Tacoma, Corolla, Camry, Prius and any other makes and models that we sell.  If you have any questions, please call 608-229-1199, and if you don't see your next car listed, we'll get it!

At Smart Toyota Scion, only the best of the best are chosen to be Toyota Certified Used Vehicles.  When we choose a vehicle for Toyota Certification, we have to do a little investigative work.  Not only do we put each vehicle through an exhaustive 160-checkpoint Quality Assurance Inspection, but we also run a CARFAX Vehicle History Report to ensure it's worthy of the Toyota Certification process. Then, each vehicle is reconditioned to Toyota's exacting standards by factory-trained Toyota Technicians.

We want the vehicles to look, feel and smell as new as possible and we know you do too.  We believe the 160 checkpoints helps maintain the value, as well as creates pride in ownership of Toyota Certified Used Vehicles.  Listed below are some of the 160 checkpoints.  Only vehicles that pass all 160 checkpoints (as appropriate to vehicle content) can receive the Toyota Certified seal of approval.

160 checkpoints = Toyota Certified

  • Audio & Alarm Systems
  • Battery System
  • Braking System
  • Emissions & State Inspection
  • Engine Compartment
  • Engine Coolant & HVAC System
  • Exterior Condition & Appearance
  • Frame, Structure & Underbody
  • Hybrid Components
  • Instrument Panel & Electronic Systems Interior
  • Condition & Appearance / Lighting Systems
  • Steering System Tires& Suspension System
  • Transmission/Transaxle
  • Trunk Compartment & Spare
  • Vehicle History
  • Additional Items, Where Applicable

*Check with Dealer for details

John Wenning

Sales Manager
Mobile Phone  608-630-3553

Justin Jackson

Assistant Manager
Mobile Phone  608-630-2364

Samantha Bowen

Assistant Sales Manager
Mobile Phone  608-630-3568

Jason Hepperly

Assistant Sales Manager
Mobile Phone  608-469-5409

Chad Nettesheim

Assistant Sales Manager
Mobile Phone  608-354-5271

Gurhan Cokugurluel

Pre-Owned Sales
Mobile Phone  608-287-6646

Jeremy Joyce

Pre-Owned Sales
Mobile Phone  608-287-6626

Tim Nugent

Pre-Owned Sales
Mobile Phone  608-630-2367

Tom Gilmore

Pre-Owned Sales
Mobile Phone  608-438-7808

Mike Householder

Pre-Owned Sales
Mobile Phone  608-630-2361

Chris Karinopoulos

Pre-Owned Sales
Mobile Phone  608-630-4925

Shpend Jonuzi

Pre-Owned Sales
Mobile Phone  608-354-5223

Ryan Royce

Pre-Owned Sales
Mobile Phone  608-852-6563

Bob Volkman

Pre-Owned Sales
Mobile Phone  608-469-5408

Brandon Weidemann

Pre-Owned Sales
Mobile Phone  608-852-6577

Terry Yunk

Pre-Owned Sales

Craig Blevins

Smart Auto Finance Manager
Mobile Phone  608-287-6627

Seth Christoph

Smart Auto Finance Consultant
Mobile Phone  608-630-3451

Tyler Nadelhoffer

Smart Auto Finance Consultant
Phone  608-630-3998

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