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New Toyota Sales Team

Phone: 608-229-1199

Monday - Thursday: 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM | Friday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM | Saturday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM | Sunday: Closed

Smart Toyota is Wisconsin's #1 Volume Toyota dealer. Located in Madison. We offer Southwestern Wisconsin, as well as Iowa and Illinois, the region's biggest and best New Toyota vehicles.
Our impressive facilities and extensive inventory are complimented by a team of professional, friendly, and knowledgable sales staff.
Our factory trained consultants and managers strive to provide you with outstanding customer service and take personal pride in making your car buying experience fun and easy.

TJ Johnson

General Sales Manager
Mobile Phone  608-235-0781

Greg Erzen

New Vehicle Sales Director
Mobile Phone  608-852-6582

Joe Griese

Desking Manager
Mobile Phone  608-354-7806

Andy Elskamp

Desking Manager
Mobile Phone  608-316-7752

Andy Goepfert

Sales Team Manager
Mobile Phone  608-354-7819

Mark Heckel

Sales Team Manager
Mobile Phone  608-287-6647

Donnie Taylor

Scion Sales Manager
Mobile Phone  608-354-9491

Andy Kaiser

Business Development Sales Manager
Mobile Phone  608-852-6564

John Ashworth

Toyota Sales
Mobile Phone  608-630-2368

Phil Awes

Toyota Sales
Mobile Phone  608-630-2370

Bruce Cann

Toyota Sales
Mobile Phone  608-630-1218

Justin Chapman

Toyota Sales
Mobile Phone  608-354-7817

Mike Finkel

Toyota Sales
Mobile Phone  608-469-4060

Al Franklin

Toyota Sales
Mobile Phone  608-354-8057

Wesley Frantz

Toyota Sales
Mobile Phone  608-469-5407

Mark Koebbe

Toyota Sales
Mobile Phone  608-287-6649

Ryan Kutty

Toyota Sales
Mobile Phone  608-630-2234

Sida Liu

Toyota Sales 讲中文
Mobile Phone  608-469-5408


Scott Nelson

Toyota Sales
Mobile Phone  608-354-7809

Clint Phillips

Toyota Sales
Mobile Phone  608-354-7810

Todd Wersland

Toyota Sales
Mobile Phone  608-852-5414

Roger Ingalls

Internet Sales Manager
Mobile Phone  608-209-2349

Gary Frederick

Assistant Sales Manager
Mobile Phone  608-354-3685

Rodney Potter

Assistant Sales Manager
Mobile Phone  608-209-2350

John Morrison

Orientation Manager
Mobile Phone  608-354-7808

John Dolan

Hybrid Orientation Expert
Mobile Phone  608-852-6576

Joanna Handler

Orientation Specialist
Mobile Phone  608-512-7970

Paul Cooley

Showroom Manager
Mobile Phone  608-354-7812

Dan Hurd

Showroom Manager
Phone  608-316-7759
Mobile Phone  608-234-3240

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