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Toyota Service Frequantly Asked Questions


1) Proper and Timely Maintenance Preserves Your Warranty
2) Winter preparation for your vehicle
3) Transport options
4) Accident
5) Why service with our dealership

Proper and Timely Maintenance Preserves Your Warranty:

Your new vehicle is protected by a factory warranty. However, the manufacturer does have the right to deny warranty coverage if you fail to service your vehicle at the factory recommended mileage intervals.  This is not the main reason, however to maintain your vehicle.  The fact is vehicles that receive at least factory recommended minimal maintenance will last thousands of miles longer, operate more dependably and at lower costs than vehicles which do not.  Protect your investment and ensure your vehicle keeps that new car sensation longer. Our dealership will maintain your vehicle, and keep copies of service records, offering the factory recommended service guidelines, and making additional service recommendations to your vehicle as it becomes necessary.

Winter preparation for your vehicle

Top 10 preparations you can do for your vehicle

1) Anti-freeze- good to -35.
2) Tires- replace if tread depth measures 3-4 32nd of an inch or less.
3) Battery- test the quality or replace every 5 years.
4) Windshield Wiper Blades- do they clean well and is your windshield washer solvent full?
5) Exhaust System- get a professional inspection.
6) Oil and Filter Change- 
7) Heater and Rear Window Defroster- at first freeze test them.
8) Exterior Lighting- check all light bulbs and align head-lights.
9) Regular Maintenance- have all manufacture recommeded maintenance completed.
10) Emergency Kit, flash light, blanket, cell phone.

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Transportation Options

At Smart Motors we want to make servicing your vehicle as convenient as possible. We offer a number of possibilities to get you on your way.

Courtesy shuttle that runs throughout the morning hours. Courtesy and Rental Cars available. Please contact your Service Advisor for details and availability.


In the event of an accident, contact Smart Motors 24 hour towing service by telephone at 608-257-0505. They will see that your vehicle is delivered safely to our Smart Motors collision centers.

Smart Motors has a state-of-the-art collision center that has the ability to repair any make or model. Located at 2225 Eagle Drive in Middleton, WI. Formerly Ball Body Shop, the direct phone number is 608-831-5944.

Why Service With Our Dealership?

Smart Motors is proud to maintain Factory Trained Technicians who know the product better than any quick service operation. Toyota Mfg. & Scion Mfg. will issue bulletins to dealers concerning product updates and or modifications that can benefit you. Our staff of service advisors accesses Toyota’s computer every time you come in for service, to assure all the latest modifications, and engineering changes are available to you. Today vehicles are expensive and technically very sophisticated. We feel our staff is your best choice to maintain your vehicle and protect your investment.

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